Changes in the works for Montreal’s police force

On a cold winter’s morning this past February, Alain Magloire walked into the reception area of a hostel on Ontario St. and St. Catherine. At 10:43 a.m. during an argument about a deposit, he took a hammer from his pocket, smashed the glass of the front desk, and then walked out. READ MORE…

Tobacco companies trade off public health in a record-breaking lawsuit

The cross-examination of a chief tobacco scientist in the biggest class-action lawsuit in Canadian history has raised questions about tobacco companies’ responsibilities for public health.

On Nov. 7, a Montreal courtroom was the scene of a cross-examination pitting the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Philippe Trudel, against Jeffery Gentry, executive vice president of Science at R.J. Reynolds Tobacco.  READ MORE…

Thinking inside and outside the box

Across cultures and millennia, people have gazed at the stars for answers about the seasons, future events, and personalities. Nowadays, horoscopes are in every magazine and newspaper, but astrology still raises eyebrows. And although the people who practice it are labelled eccentric or just plain kooky, there are always exceptions.

Suzana Da Costa has turned her passion for astrology into a career helping others understand themselves and their futures, but unlike her contemporaries, she is not your stereotypical hippie astrologer.  READ MORE…

Montreal City Council candidates roll forward on bike debate

City councillor candidates in Montreal’s upcoming municipal election voiced their support for urban cycling October 1, but disagreed on solutions for traffic congestion, cyclists’ safety, bicycle infrastructure, and winter cycling.

The Montreal Bike Coalition, a group representing and promoting urban cyclists and projects in Montreal hosted candidates from Coalition Montréal, Équipe Denis Coderre, and Projet Montréal.   READ MORE…

Tar Sands Reality Check tour kicks off at Concordia

Fossil Free Fuel’s Tar Sands Reality Check Tour came to Concordia yesterday to kick off a 10-day tour discussing investment in tar sands development by post-secondary institutions.

The Concordia Student Union and Graduate Student Association coordinated the event with Divest Concordia and Divest McGill, groups which are looking to defund all their universities’ fossil fuel investments.

“Students pay tuition,” said Audrey Yank, a guest from Coalition Vigilance Oléoducs. “They have a right to know where the money is going.”  READ MORE…

Charitable Fashion

Coco Chanel once said, “A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion.” At this year’s Festival Mode et Design on McGill College Ave., fashion and the streets united last Thursday at Vintage Love, a runway show celebrating the 80th Anniversary of Le Chaînon women’s shelter.   READ MORE…

Centre for Studies in Behavioural Neurobiology turns 30

Concordia University’s Centre for Studies in Behavioural Neurobiology (CSBN) kicked off its 30th anniversary celebrations with a lecture on Oct. 4 by Concordia graduate Michael Meaney, featuring his current research on how childhood experiences affect genes.

Meaney’s lecture, entitled, Environmental Epigenetics: how childhood experience regulates the activity of genes, explained that childhood environments physically change the structure of DNA, with effects lasting into adulthood. READ MORE…

Forming networks key to CBSL project success

A successful Community-based Service Learning project (CBSL) forms networks among schools, community members, and other teachers to give students positive and educational experiences, agreed teachers at this year’s CLC Teacher Institute.                   READ MORE…


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